The Ultimate Guide on How to Learn Ruby Programming Language

Do you know that Ruby is one of the fastest growing programming languages? Many well-informed web designers rely on it to create high-quality websites. GitHub and Shopify are a few examples of sites that have been built using this language, and you likely can see its reliability. If you are looking forward to becoming a savvy programmer and have chosen Ruby, you can be sure you will get great results.

Why you Should Learn Ruby

You have several reasons to learn Ruby. Here are some of them.

  • Easy to Use

This is the programming language that most coding beginners will honestly tell you that they read it without difficulty. Its designer intended to make coding fun. When you build prototypes with this programming language on Rails, you can save lots of time and find the entire process satisfying.

  • Flexible

Another great feature of Ruby is that it does not have complicated rules on how to code. Most users say it is very close to our everyday spoken language. What’s more, Ruby is highly merciful to users when it comes to the way it manages errors. Before you hit the problematic part, you will still be able to continue compiling and running your program almost effortlessly.

  • Easy to Learn (Follow the Right Process)

One major problem that you will encounter with Ruby is that it may be challenging to manage, especially when the apps grow larger and more complex. This dynamic language requires you to have some incredible insight to be able to design your codes in the most efficient way. However, you will realize that most experienced users do not mention this fact. Why? You can learn how to design code with great ease if you work with an experienced mentor.

How to Learn Ruby

  • The Skills

Since Ruby is an object-oriented programming language, you should have a proper comprehension of the concepts. If you want to learn but lack this critical skill, you will evidently be struggling to use this language. What’s more, you need some basic knowledge of programming. The language uses the block, so you need the skill to create these features. You can succeed without this ability; though as you can acquire it during the normal learning process.

Another essential skill that you should not ignore is navigation adeptness. You will run Ruby scripts from the command-line most of the time. As such, it is understandable that you need the ability to navigate directories, run scripts, and the likes to increase your chances of success.

  • CSS, HTML, and HTML

Because you are a beginner, it is essential you learn CSS, HTML, as well as JavaScript first.

As you can see, these three have to go together. Are you wondering why it happens so? Remember, HTML helps to structure the contents of the site, including images, blocks, and tables. Of course, you can only achieve this with the help of tags.

CSS will help you to determine how these elements can be appropriately displayed. Last, JavaScript will help you to make your website dynamic. Use it well, and the sites will be able to respond to clicks, create passwords, and much more.

If you are like many well-informed students, you already appreciate that you need to learn CSS, HTML, and JavaScript to be able to become a front-end developer.

  • Ruby Before Rails

Once you have learned Ruby language, move on to Rails. This web application framework simplifies website building. But it cannot help you if you do not understand the language.

There are several ways you can learn Ruby. You can turn to online courses, mentorship programs, video tutorials, and books. Whichever method you choose, do not forget that the best way to succeed is to put whatever you learn into practice.

  • Ruby on Rails

Once you learn all about the programming language, you can now learn Rails. You may need to follow this route because this framework is a perfect solution for startups. Get the right educational platforms to help you learn the language on Rails. Speed up the learning process by having an experienced mentor on your side.

The Bottom Line

You surely have enough reasons to learn Ruby. If you want to learn the fastest growing programming language and wondering if you are qualified, be assured that nothing is impossible. No one was born with any skill. Once you have learned the Ruby-Rails basics, do not stop there. Go further and acquire more knowledge on the complex applications, and you will continue raising your success ladder.