Major Historical Events that Influences Ruby Programming Language

If you are looking for a reliable programming language to implement your web application, Ruby will help you. It has all the features that most experts are looking for. You will agree with me if you consider the history of this programming language and see how it has been meeting the needs of programming experts across the world in unusual ways over the last few decades.

As you likely know, the first most essential step in determining the most suitable programming language is to find some reliable data about the most popular languages. Moreover, you can learn about the frameworks that effectively power advanced sites. The History of Ruby reveals these pieces of information in detail. If you rely on this comprehensive piece of research, you will likely be able to make an independent and informed programming decision.

The Initial Conception of Rudy

According to Matsumoto of Japan, he conceived the idea in 1993 as he was talking with one of his colleagues. This innovator was discussing with this guy about the prospects of creating a reliable object-oriented scripting language. As at that time, Perl4 already existed, but he disliked it due to its low quality.

Matsumoto, who is commonly called Matz by his close friends, also says that he knew Python too but he hated it as its OO features makes appear a fake object-oriented language. He had an exceptional experience with these languages and was indeed an OO fan for more than a decade. For that matter, Matz made an educated decision to explore other options. As you see, his main idea was to make programmers happier than ever.

The philosophy of Matsumoto pushed him to engage Ishitsuka on February 24, 1993, via the Internet. At this particulate time, most people were still green on this subject. But this gentleman valued the ideas of others as you can be from his choice of the program’s name. During the online chat session, these two guys proposed two names and after a while, they settled on ‘Ruby.’ Matz convinced his colleague to support it, as it was the birthstone of one of his friends. That is how they closed the long journey of the search for a suitable name.

Early Release

On December 21, 1995, he officially announced that he had created the high-level language. He released Ruby 0.95 on the same day. But that was not the end of it all. Barely two days later, Matz released three more versions of this new language. Other early releases followed in 1996, 1998, 1999, and 2,000.

Key Recent Developments

Since Matz launched Rudy several years ago, he has actively updated and enhanced it. Due to its advanced features, the language started gaining popularity across the world. In 2004, Ruby Gems was introduced. This enabled individuals to write third-party libraries as well as programs that they could use in apps. Due to this unprecedented development, Ruby on Rails emerged in 2005.

Ruby on Rails is the framework that the world was waiting for. It made programming a lot easier. For that matter, Ruby became incredibly popular within a short time. By 2007, Mac OS X started shipping with it.

In 2013, a highly advanced version, Ruby 2.0.0 was released. And this also caused other substantial improvements, and the market adopted it exceptionally quickly. Currently, top websites are developed in Ruby on Rails. Some of them are Bloomberg, Shopify, Twitter, and GitHub. Evidently, this proves that the programming language is meeting the needs of many people.

As at present, 2019, this dynamic, open source programming language is over 25 years old. Its popularity continues to rise given the decision of its creators to focus on simplicity as well as productivity. You will learn that the developers still invest much of their resources on creating and releasing new versions of Ruby. Through this, they are meeting emerging needs in the programming sphere.

The Bottom Line

The history of Ruby confirms that it is a great language. Matz did not find a language that could meet his needs. So, he built this one. Several years since its launch, Ruby continues to awe those people who want the freedom to program as they wish. You likely now see its unique value and can use it to solve your coding issues.