7 Top Reasons You Should Use Ruby Programming Language

Ruby is a popular language that was designed to make programming professionals not only productive but also happy. Yokihiro Matsumuko who created it said this in 2000 when he was expounding on its uniqueness. This expert added that he used the most relevant principles to give you the freedom to program as you wish. Here are some of the benefits that his product offers.

Plenty of Resources

If you have a great programming language that lacks the resources you can rely on when you run into a problem, you may feel quite bad with it. True? Matsumoto of Japan knew that you want a programming language that is not just great but also solves your problems in time.

Due to the high quality of his work, you will have adequate access to resources, such as videos, online courses, screenshots, tiered development forums, local classes, and much more. So, if you want a programming language that guarantees you abundant resources, Ruby is one of them.

Active Community

If you choose Ruby, you can be sure you will never be alone. Whether you go online or offline, you will see several experienced developers actively working with this high-level language. When you have done all your best to achieve your programming goals through Ruby and cannot independently find a solution, you are free to chat with any of these experts. They are always willing to help due to the positive culture within the community. As you likely see, this active community is a definite advantage of using the language.


 The speed of writing code with Ruby is exceptionally high. Some people say this language is not the fastest when it comes to running and processing requests. While that may be true, you need to look at the big picture. You probably need a programming language that will help you to develop software products fast. Since it can help you to achieve this 30 or 40 percent faster than its rivals, Ruby promises to give you an outstanding experience.

Cost Effectiveness

Do you know that Ruby is popular in part due to the efficiency of Ruby on Rails (also called ‘Rails’)? This programming framework makes the overall cost of using the language incredibly low. Rails is an open source application. Therefore, you can get it online for free.

Furthermore,  Gems can allow you to add many features without necessarily developing them from scratch. If you want to get these open source codes, you can turn to GitHub.  This way, you will save lots of your hard-earned money without compromising the quality of your programs.

Excellent Quality

Ruby on Rails allows you to develop high-quality sites. Its core has a mini-test tool, which provides some of the best testing features. In the Rails core, you will find expectation syntax, mocking, and others. Moreover, you will be able to undertake test-driven development as well as behavior-driven development. So, Ruby promotes quality, bug-free development, which is what most people are actually looking for.


Over the last decade, Ruby, as well as Rails, has proven it dependability. Moreover, they have shown outstanding opportunities for consistently scaling any product. Experts hold that the experience makes this language and framework a solid basis for all types and sizes of successful platforms.


Ruby is intuitive. This makes it easy for you to maintain it. Developers are always happy when they are able to understand the way an application works as it gives them the confidence that nothing can stop them from programming. This language’s intuitiveness, therefore, increases its value.

The Bottom Line

From this analysis, you possibly understand the reason most programming experts recommend Ruby to beginners. It is easy to master and use. What’s more, you have plenty of resources, an active community, and others to help you succeed.

However, you need to know that learning Ruby is just a stepping stone o working with Rails and other efficient frameworks. Use Ruby on Rails, and you will reap more benefits from this language than other professionals who will not. In fact, you may see its value than your colleagues who lack the proper knowledge of Rails. If you do not understand this at this point, just remember that frameworks and libraries make the life of programmers much more manageable.